Why one has to be trained in coding

Does college make one a better programmer? Yes and No. I believe to be an efficient software engineer requires a combination of both the education background AND a real life hacking experience. Neither is a substitute for the other. 

A university education in Computer Science will teach concepts that most hackers will never learn on their own. For example if someone wants to know if an algorithm is good enough by measuring its software complexities, he needs a university degree. Similarly the mathematics behind a cryptography can only be learnt in a computer science class of a university.

However, if someone wants to know about how to integrate his Android app with the Facebook or Twitter platform, he needs a practical experience. Similarly one cannot become an efficient software engineer without the mindful use of the debugging techniques. 

som-itsolutions tries to bridge this gap between the university degree and the hacking experience. Stress is given to the practical coding lessons on various IT related subjects including Core Java, Android, Advanced Java, Design Pattern, UML, C++ etc.

Please have a look at our Google Play Page

Here is the screenshot of the Apps that we have developed.

Our Google Play Portfolio

You can also have a look at our Youtube Channel where number of our useful training videos are available. 

We also contribute to the open source community. Please have a look at our Github Profile


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