1. Basic structure : Simple Hello World Program in C++, preprocessor "include" directive, namespace

  2. Built-in data types

  3. Storage allocation

  4. Scope of variables

  5. Operators and related exercise

  6. C++ explicit cast - static_cast, dynamic_cast, const_cast, reinterpret_cast

  7. Concepts of Classes 

    1. C structure vs C++ classes

    2. C++ Access control : Public, Private and Protected

    3. Exercise with different access specifier

    4. Constructor, Destructor

    5. The "this" pointer

    6. Overloaded function : why overloading is not allowed only by return value

    7. Overloading example

    8. The new Keyword

    9. Pass by value, pass by pointer & pass by reference

    10. Copy Constructor

    11. Operator overloading

    12. Assignment operator

    13. Canonical form of a class

    14. Lab : An excercise to define a simple string class having a Canonical form

    15. Deep Copy and Shallow Copy

    16. Inheritance

    17. Virtual function and Pure Virtual function

    18. Overriding of virtual function

    19. Virtual Destructor

    20. Abstract Class and Abstract Base Class

    21. Pass by reference and Pass by value - Object slicing

    22. Difference between overriding normal function, virtual function and pure virtual function; function name hiding by the derived class for a normal function

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